When you live in faith you not only have greater momentum toward your goal, you not only streamline your life and are relieved of many inner conflicts, but some amazing transformations in your daily life or career often happen. This is why faith is so greatly encouraged, even in those who are by nature extremely skeptical.

The nature of faith stands as a constant inspiration for Ivan Guaderrama who attributes his success of his art work to his own personal faith in Jesus Christ. The beauty of faith is the moments in which we fully stand in it, despite having every reason not to. The memorable verse from the book of Matthew shown in the painting above and the video below is the Lords promise that he in fact asks very little of us, to have faith smaller than the grain of a single mustard seed, and in return He will move the many mountains in our life. Not to simply be taken as a literal mountain, the scripture uses the term ¨mountains¨ as it pertains to whatever sin each individual finds difficult to overcome.

Guaderrama incorporates an actual mustard seed behind a blue light in his stunning abstract piece, as a visual reminder of the small amount of faith Jesus requests of us so that He may create miracles.

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