Faith, Love, Music. Those are the central themes in which so many works found in Galleria Ivan Guaderrama are based on. “Music” in particular has been a soft spot for Ivan, from Coldplay (see Yellow post) to a more instrumental focus, the artist pays homage to the great inspiration that can be found in so many forms around the globe. Most recently this concept has shown its face in two pieces involving two very different genres of music.

“The Jazz Age” has a look and feel that brings you straight to the 1920′s, the coloring and abstract details of a simple yet iconic saxophone form makes the concept jump off of the page. While “Beyond the Strings” creates a mood in which viewers can practically hear the gradually growing sounds of a full string quartet in their heads. The simplistic white backdrop gives the perfect contrast to a color pallet that is unmistakably Guaderramas signature. The final result is two pieces that celebrate the beauty that can be found both through sight and sound.

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