The advancements of technology have been an ever increasing blessing to people around the globe. The progression that has resulted in laser and even 3d printers have made books, magazines, and other literary expressions available to the masses in a moments notice at an affordable price. However such developments come with a cost. In the process of our technological growth we have lost the rare art form of the letterpress.

Invented in the 1400s by Johan Gutenberg as an alternative to the more traditional method of printing, which involved the time consuming carving of entire pages onto wooden blocks, the letterpress was invented with its sleek metal moveable lettering that could swiftly kiss the paper and print at a more rapid pace. Now, arguably, during this time period a more rapid pace consisted of 6 pages being printed in a day. The first fully printed literature on the printing press was the Bible, which took a span of 3 years to print despite a staff of over 30 employees.

However the letterpress did come with its own distinct style. Many have attempted to replicate the font and lettering of the classic press style to find that on flat, modern day printing paper the effect lacked zeal. Which is why Ivan Guaderramas newest venture of transcribing such a style into his inspirational art work results in a classically impressive piece. The collaboration of traditional lettering used in inspirational phrases with Ivans more modern and brightly colored abstract work creates a piece that is totally original and new while carrying a familiar note. The pieces very in their boldness, some carry a letterpress influence that sits front and center of the piece, unafraid to be in your face. While other have a faint and almost hidden impression in the art work, replicating the light handed effect found on vintage newspapers to avoid the transference of Ink. The theme is sure to be well represented in pieces of inspirational art throughout the course of 2013 and well into 2014.

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