Being able to relate and have an emotional connection to a prior existing piece of art is an incredible thing, like falling in love for the first time every time. However often something more personal is called for in event of a special occasion, a hard to match color palette in your home, or simply because nothing speaks to you in the way you would like it to. This is where taking the route of a commissioned piece comes into play. Here are a few things you should know about commissioned art work to help you decide if going with your own commissioned piece is right for you.

First things first…what is a commissioned art piece?

The definition varies depending on a client, and also depending on the artist. For some clients this may mean giving a little bit of insight on what you would like to see in a piece (ie a piece revolving around music, family, or even a poem) and letting the artist take full range. In other cases it means working intimately with the artist, discussing preferred materials, colors, and content. The preferred process is usually chosen by the artist, Ivan Guaderrama is experienced in both methods.

How much does a commission piece cost?

Having your own customized piece can be a pricey ordeal. Fortunately at the Ivan Guaderrama Gallery you pay no extra cost for commissioned pieces, you pay exactly what you pay had you walked into the gallery and picked the piece straight off the wall.

How does commission pieces benefit my interior design?

With the options of color usage and material usage your piece will not only adequately reflect you and your family but the style and feel of your home as well. While some artist do this with just a few notes Ivan Guaderrama will personally visit the homes of locals, or used photographs from those who are not located in Cabo to create the perfect piece.

How do I go about getting my own commissioned piece?

If you would like to start the discussion of venturing into the world of commissioned art the best way is to visit the gallery and talk to us in person, or to send an email to

We will work to answer any questions you may have and to create a commissioned piece that’s just right for you. As always you can visit our website at to view a collection of preciously commissioned pieces.

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